The Latest Innovation in chicken!

The average American diet contains way too much Omega-6 fatty acids. The USDA recommends a 1:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3. It was that knowledge that inspired Murray’s decision to change what we feed our chickens. The result is a better for you, better tasting chicken with all the same great attributes you've come to love and expect rom Murray's Chicken!

We are what we eat

Murray’s Omega 3 IQ Chicken is fed an all vegetarian patented flaxseed based diet. We have moved away from the traditional corn and soybean based diet fed to most chickens. The chickens absorb the Omega-3 fatty acids and good for you nutrients from their feed and in turn pass them on to the consumer. 

Healthier Chicken!!!

As if the Omega-3 benefits weren’t enough, Murray’s Omega-3 IQ Chicken is also lower in cholesterol than the conventional chicken. As always, all of Murray’s Chicken is Certified Humane, All Natural, family farmed, and has farm to fork traceability. These are just some of the reasons Murray’s Chicken is the best chicken for you and your family!!!

Omega 3 Benefits

Reduces blood pressure • Improves cholesterol levels • Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes • Lowers death rate from cancer • Improves lung function in asthma • Helps you sleep better • Feel healthier • Have more energy • Improves brain health • Fights depression and anxiety • Reduces symptoms from traumatic brain injuries • Reduces PTSD symptoms • Brain health in utero • Reduce symptoms of ADHD in children • And more!!!

The Proof is in the Numbers

Compare our Murray’s Omega-3 IQ Chicken with Conventional Chicken’s Omega-3 content…

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