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Murray Bresky has been waking up with the chickens as long as he can remember. As a little boy, Murray was a keen observer at his father’s poultry business. In the early seventies, he took over at the helm and business has been thriving since.

By 1993, Murray’s love for chickens was matched only by that for his growing family. Concern over the food his children and grandchildren were eating motivated him to start Murray’s Chickens. Raised without the use of antibiotics, growth drugs or hormones, Murray’s Chickens have plenty of room to stretch their wings and access to fresh air and sunlight.

It didn’t surprise Murray: The bird that had the best living conditions, also had the best taste. The Certified Humane label acknowledges the humane manner in which all Murray’s Chickens are raised and handled. Consumers choose Murray’s Chickens for the unparalleled taste and low fat content of the signature breed. In fact, Murray’s was the first chicken to be certified as ‘Lean’ by the American Heart Association and is still the only chicken to be labeled ‘Lean’ by the USDA.

Perhaps the best endorsement of them all: When it’s good enough for Murray’s eight grandchildren, it’s good enough for all of us.
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